Unparalleled Quality

The Exotic Series represents the absolute pinnacle of exceptional quality coffee, with each reserve coffee scoring even higher than our already outstanding Specialty Series coffees. Our rare and unique coffees are produced in limited quantities and showcase the best of the art and craft of coffee farming.

Dominican Republic: Exotic
Dominican Republic: Exotic
Dominican Republic: Exotic

Dominican Republic: Exotic

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Recommended ground DRIP - Perfect for brewing in a coffee maker or using the pour-over method.
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Exclusive Varieties &

Unique Techniques

Our Exotic Series highlights the distinct flavor profiles of each coffee and the individual farmers who produce them. Featuring exclusive coffee varieties and innovative processing methods such as honey, black honey, natural, washed, and other exceptional techniques, we emphasize the unique flavors and characteristics of each coffee.

Indulge in this exceptional coffee, featuring a pronounced fragrance of dark chocolate, tropical dried fruits, and subtle notes of spices. Its well-balanced cup, with a medium to full body and medium acidity, leaves a pleasant, clean, and sweet aftertaste that will captivate your senses.

  • Process: Yellow Honey
  • Farm: La Mercedez
  • Variety: Caturra
  • Elevation: ~4,488 ft

    A symphony of flavors and aromas in every cup!
Artisan Farmer
Don Alfredo

Master coffee producer Don Alfredo Diaz brings over 30 years of expertise to our Dominican Republic Exotic coffee.

His dedication to preserving the authentic 100% Caturra and 100% Typica varieties has earned hisfarm, La Mercedez, global respect in the coffee industry.

Expert Artisan Roasting

As passionate roasters, we take great care in the artistry of our roasting process to elevate the exquisite flavors of each coffee in the Exotic Series. We approach each roast with precision, attention to detail, and dedication, honed by years of experience and training.